We recognise the need to recycle and operate in a more Eco-friendly way. So everything we do we always ask ourselves can we do this with ess impact on the environment. If the answer is yes then we take that route very time.


We only use compostable cups and tableware. Whilst this solution is more costly that the norm it’s important to us to ensure our commitment and contribution is met.

No Single use plastics

Again our commitment is to ensure we never use single use plastics unless there is no other option.

Cold cups

As with our coffee cups all of our cold cups are compostable. we also ensure we have a suitable bin on site to collect spent cups so we can dispose of them in the correct manner


Our super silent Ford Generator runs on Bio-Diesel. We are working towards having a completely sustainable powered unit but unfortunately the technology for solar power is not quite there yet due to the demand for power we require